Frequently Asked Questions

  • You have charged my Credit Card – why?

    Dellmont is a provider of multimedia solutions. The charge on your credit card is made for a product or service that you purchased on a website operated by Dellmont.

    Our company name is stated on all of these websites, and Dellmont is also named on purchase confirmation e-mails. Please check which kind of products or services you have purchased around the day that your card was charged.
  • I made a payment through Dellmont but haven’t received any product or service – can you help?

    Please note that sometimes it may take a while for the product or service to be delivered. This may depend on the payment method you have used.

    If you are certain that there has been a problem with your purchase, please submit a query to the website on which you made your purchase, or contact our general Customer Services below.

If this did not answer your question please enter our Customer Services below.